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Often people think that to lose weight they need to eat a little and to train a lot. But the truth is that you can lose your pounds without training and starvation, all you need to do is to start using this little daily tricks and your pounds will slowly reduce.

Here are 10 tips how to lose weight without diet:

1. Drink glass of water before a meal
If you drink a glass of water before every meal you will fill fuller and this will stop you from overeating and your portions will be smaller. Thus you will enter a less calories and you will stay hydrated.

2. Make a few simple exchanges at every meal

Instead of eating dried fruit eat a fresh one. When you replace more caloric food with a less caloric and healthier food you will save calories for every meal.


3. For desert take a piece of dark chocolate
When you get the urge to eat something sweet take a piece of dark chocolate instead of some cookies which are full of sugar. A dark chocolate is a healthier and she has a lot less calories than a cookies, so on this way you will also save a lot of calories and lose your weight easier.


4. Control your portions

Don’t eat from bag, measure out your snacks before you start eating. Try to use a smaller plate and when you finish with your meal put away your leftovers.

5. Make an effort to move more
If you are not a fan of exercise or you don’t have time for working out try to move more during the day. Use a stairs instead of elevator, take a walk to market instead of using car, park a car a little further from your office.. On this way you can burn a few extra calories.

6. Don’t drink calories!

Don’t drink drinks with a lot of calories like juice, energy drinks, alcohol drinks.
Drink a healthier beverages with no calories like water with a taste of lemon, cucumber and mint to save your calories.

7. Don’t be hungry too long
Starving yourself all day and avoiding meals will force you to eat late at night because you will be too hungry. It’s very unhealthy. If you want to lose your weight you don’t need to stop eating, all you need to do is to eat well-timed meals but you need to learn to not overeating yourself and stop eating unhealthy food.

8. Eat food rich of proteins and fiber

When it’s time for a snack, eat food that is tasty and sieves instead of chips and crackers that have a lot calories but not saturate.

9. Eat dinner, but light and early
You should have dinner, but light and you should eat it at least a three hours before you go to sleep because the food is digested slow during sleep and overeating can cause sleep issues.

10. Sleep well
Sleep 7-9 hours every night. Lack of sleep can cause you to eat more because you will not have enough energy to your daily workouts. Sleeping well will help you to lose weight and be satisfied with yourself.

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